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The Volcano-Climate Index (VCI) is a metric to categorize the climate response to volcanic eruptions. The primary criteria for assignment of VCI are changes in surface temperature. The VCI excludes eruption properties and measures of volcanic forcing such as optical depth. The VCI scale ranges from negligible climate effects from individual eruptions (VCI 0) to the long-lasting or even catastrophic global disruption (VCI 6+) that coincides with some Large Igneous Province events.

For more details, and to cite the VCI, see:

Schmidt, A. and Black, B.A., 2022. Reckoning with the Rocky Relationship Between Eruption Size and Climate Response: Toward a Volcano-Climate Index. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 50, pp.627-661.

Primary criteria

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Further criteria

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VCI value

Stratospheric warming consistent with VCI
Decrease in ocean heat content consistent with VCI